Account credits vs sms loans

What are the differences between account credits and sms loans? The boundaries between the two loan forms are not always so obvious. Especially not now when the fast loan has been branched into different similar loans. Since we ourselves can often be confused about what is what, we have put together what you need to …

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Online consolidation loan – where can you get it?

Consolidation, i.e. a combination of liabilities, is a financial instrument that is designed to facilitate the repayment of several existing loans. It is offered by both banking institutions – in the form of consolidation loans and non-bank entities as consolidation loans. You can also apply online. An assessment at What is a consolidation loan …

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When to buy back credit?

Rates are still low and do not seem to be showing any signs of an increase. This situation favors the applicants for repurchase of credit to prepare new projects or quite simply to reorganize their finances. But how do you do it? How to become eligible for credit repurchase? When a household has to finance …

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Loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment

Loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment are possible, although a rejection of credit can be expected at the house banks. A better understanding of the way of thinking of banks alleviates personal annoyance and ensures that realistic credit opportunities remain. Loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment – that’s how the house bank sees it

Loans for pensioners

As soon as someone retires, they finally have time to go on a long vacation, renovate the house and want to get purchases for which there was never the money. This time is a new phase of life for the pensioner, but it also has disadvantages. This means that pensioners have to make do with …

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